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Anna Lussenburg

Welcome to Anna Lussenburg, Parent Coach

Parent Better by Parenting Less

I have fond memories of sitting down many years ago with Dr. Steve Truch, the man who is the force behind the very successful Reading Foundation. This is an organization that has helped thousands of parents and children and entirely changed the conversation about the best way to teach children to read.  As I talked to him about I help parents with my coaching, he said to me, "So what you're saying is, you parent better by parenting less.'

At the time in my work as a parent coach, I hadn't given that much thought but I soon realized he was entirely right.  Parenting has become a rush, a chore and the ultimate competition.  The anxiety that competition creates is everywhere, a fear that if we don't buy that product or our kids don't have access to this or that they won't get ahead, or they won't have successful lives and they'll be left behind. 

But there is another way.  A way to get away from the group think that pervades the parenting landscape.  A way of being a parent, that will fill you with confidence in your own abilities.  Confidence that I help you to understand comes from inside you, where you don't have to read a book or watch a video to find to find answers that make sense.


Certainly, as part of my professional parent coaching I help with all the practical questions, such as how to stop temper tantrums and picky eating, sleeping problems and things like that.  But the main part of my parent coaching is to explain 'parenting' in a way I'm sure you'll never have heard of before making any child behaviour issues you're struggling with, naturally melt away. 


What we talk about will also change the way you see your role as a parent, providing you with clarity and natural confidence.  It will enable you to stand back and see the forest from the trees and when you do, it will all makes sense.


Much of the anxiety that surrounds parenting often starts even before our children are born.  There are all the 'must haves' for baby and 'must do's,' so much so, that we lose what we are actually here to do in flurry of constant self evaluation and upwardly growing expectations.  We fear being the parent who can't keep up in this race, who can't step off the treadmill for a moment in case it all falls apart.

Nobody quite knows where the world is going and there isn't a parent alive, or at least one that I've met that doesn't want the best for their children.  But what is the best?  Maybe it's not what we think or have been led to believe.  


In a world fraught with so much choice it's hard to know what to do and where to turn.  My job as a parent coach is to help you learn to trust yourself,  to feel confident in your parenting so that the answers come naturally.  That place of confidence is a place where you don't have to try so hard that you tie yourself up in knots trying to do it right.  Where you can listen to yourself, tune out the noise and hear the answer.  

Part of my job as a parent coach is to help you see parenting as a combination of the day to day and the long term.  That's why when you look for answers you need to make sure you're taking care of both. Dealing proactively with short term challenges even when children are young is important, as it sets the tone for your parenting journey.  


Once children know what is expected of them and you follow through calmly, with lots of loving cuddles along the way and the right balance of encouragement and boundaries, they just follow along for the ride.  Your parenting journey is made easy and your children are happy and bounce back resiliently to whatever challenges life throws their way.  You are parenting better by parenting less. And just in case I haven't told you, it's so much more fun, for everyone!



​My name is Anna Lussenburg and I'm an International Parent Coach.  Based near Victoria, BC I have been helping parents turn out happy children for years, well over 30 in fact.  In my professional coaching career, I've gone in to homes to help parents, had my own TV advice spot, written for magazines and papers and more.

In my work as a parent coach, I've dealt with every kind of child behaviour and challenge that you can think of and probably some you can't.  But what's made me who I am is both listening and watching parents just like you and helping them to understand that the answers to problems lie within.  Being able to tune out the noise and trust their innate ability to be a good parent is all important.


Being a parent coach is really the best job in the world.  I love it because I have the ability and the great honour to help provide answers to people who are looking for them.  In the end though, those answers are about them seeing parenting through a different lens, one that makes sense and allows them to trust in themselves. ​


As a Parent Coach Seen On

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Nelson Mandela

Anna Lussenburg

 Parent Coach 

Fifteen reasons you should hire a Parent Coach

  1. You should hire a parent coach because though life is short, it should be sweet.

  2. You should hire a parent coach because you'll feel so confident you can send all your parenting books to the skip.

  3. You should hire a parent coach, so you can smile and laugh more.

  4. You should hire a parent coach so your mom and dad will visit more often.

  5. You should hire a parent coach so that when you see the teacher coming over, you don't drop dead with apprehension.

  6. You should hire a parent coach so your kids get out of the swimming pool when you ask.

  7. You should hire a parent coach because then you can enjoy evenings with your partner instead of rushing up and down stairs.

  8. You should hire a parent coach so that you can enjoy a happy drive with the kids who are genuinely grateful to go on a trip.

  9. You should hire a parent coach if you like sleep.

  10. You should hire a parent coach if you want want to change tired kids in to happy well-rested kids.

  11. You should hire a parent coach if you like to enjoy family meals.

  12. You should hire a parent coach if you want to greet parent-teacher interviews with confidence.

  13. You should hire a parent coach if you want to make your mornings genuinely fun...well as fun as possible before coffee.

  14. You should hire a parent coach if you want your kids to appreciate a good night's sleep as much as you do.

  15. You should hire a parent coach because to quote the poet W.H Davies 'What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.'

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