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Why do satire?  Because not enough people stick their neck out.  There are many people of course out there that do and I'm admire those people tremendously, but by and large most of us do what we're told and really don't ask too many 'inconvenient' questions.  The powers at be like it that way and they would be happier if they didn't have people like me waiting in the wings to get people thinking about things they definitely should not be thinking about.   

I should add, this is a non partisan site.  Yes, I have an opinion and I'm happy to share it but I make fun and/or provide biting world-wide commentary on all politicians, policies and all the social agendas of those in power regardless of their political stripe. I think that's the biggest thing you learn as you change from a child to an adult.  You think the adults in charge and in positions of power have a plan and then slowly you realize that they have no plan at all and no idea what they're doing.  

Why did you turn the former US President in to a cat?  

You'll have to forgive me, it's my British sense of humour and I grew up with the greats of British comedy, who took pride in the fact that everyone and everything in life is subject to being made fun of.  To me, Donald Trump is a bombastic tomcat.  I turned Boris Johnson in to a baboon.  Also, have you ever noticed cats hang around people that hate them.  They just don't go away. They sit on your lap, rub themselves against you, purr in your face and you just can't stand them. 

Have people generally lost their sense of humour?  Perhaps, but I'm hoping not otherwise they won't buy the book or sign up to my website for hard-hitting and amusing commentary, which is a terrific idea by the way.  

It's just 28 pages. Is your book 'Crump the Cat' book worth the money?  If you can only measure wit in pages then you can say that I'm short on wit, but of course I wouldn't say that and neither will you, not if you buy my book. You can see more about my book here.

Why do you think satire is important? Because it holds a lens up to society and gets people to understand that the world they live in is utterly and completely mad, with so many illogical ideologies and belief systems, it's frightening.  If you would like to spread the joy of satire and get more of it in your life or in to the lives of those you love, please subscribe below.  I'm on a mission to make satire 'great again.'

Do you have an audio book of Crump the Cat?  Yes, I do.  It's out and you can buy it for the horribly expensive price of $2.99.  For that you also get Boris Johnson as a baboon and a story about imperialistic and opportunistic rats fighting over resources, all of which will guarantee the most hilarious car drive.  

Have you written other books?  Yes, lots, all allegorical satires noting how ridiculous things on this planet have got.  I have a capitalist chicken who finds out endless growth on a finite planet is not the answer.  I have a vegetarian pig battling for his rights and I'm adding more all the time.  I hope to have these published in the not too distant future.