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Greg Perry, an award-winning and nationally syndicated political cartoonist and Anna Lussenburg, a political and cultural satirist have teamed up to create the definitive take off of Donald Trump in their new book, 'Crump the Cat.' 


Greg Perry is the recipient of multiple journalism awards for both editorial cartooning and news reporting and Anna Lussenburg has been busy using her observational skills to decode human behaviour on TV and in print media for years.

Fun Extra Stuff About Me

Perhaps you're looking at this book and saying to yourself, why on earth would she turn the US President in to a cat?  You'll have to forgive me, it's my British sense of humour and I grew up with the greats of British comedy who took pride in the fact that everyone and everything in life is subject to being made fun of.  To me, Donald Trump is a bombastic tomcat.  I turned Boris Johnson in to a baboon.

Why a cat?  Because have you ever noticed cats hang around people that hate them.  They just don't go away. They sit on your lap, rub themselves against you, purr in your face and you just can't stand them. 

As a Canadian aren't you interfering in the US elections?  Yes, I apologize unreservedly.  I'm quite obviously worse than the Russians.

Have people generally lost their sense of humour?  Perhaps, but I'm hoping not otherwise they won't buy the book.

It's just 28 pages. Is it worth the money?  If you can only measure wit in pages then you can say that I'm short on wit, but of course I wouldn't say that and neither will you, not if you buy the book.

What made you a writer of satire? The idea is to hold up a lens to society and get people to understand that the world they live in is utterly and completely mad.

Do you have an audio book of Crump the Cat?  Yes, I do.  It's coming...soon and it's voiced by me, so it's ridiculously funny. 

Why did you write this book?  Because I'm useless at everything else, other than audio voice work of course, which, if I haven't told you I'm brilliant at.  My mind is just all over the place and I have this annoying habit of reading every news story I can get hold of, observing behaviours or a social trends and then rushing to my desk or the garden to write about them.  Of course, because I'm writing about them I can't do anything else, you know those boring tasks like laundry, cooking and cleaning, so I'm lucky my husband is a great cook.  On the cleaning front, he needs work.

Have you written other books?  Yes, lots, all allegorical satires noting how ridiculous things on this planet have got.  I have a capitalist chicken who finds out endless growth on a finite planet is not the answer.  I have a vegetarian pig battling for his rights.  Of course all these books will be out soon.  So if you're a publisher or an agent, this is a blatant call for you to help me publish these books and of course you will make a fortune! That's because so many people will buy my books.  You can write to me below...PLEASE!

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