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So humorous. It'a political Dr. Seuss for grown -ups.

Great book parodying real life in 2020... for the politically savvy reader.
Down with Crump!

Political satire at its wicked best, "Crump the Cat" is unreservedly recommended to the attention of fans of topical limericks and political humor. (Midwest Book Review)

5 gold stars.png

Told in rhyming verse, Crump is an orange tomcat with inherited wealth who is famous for his TV show, the ‘The Appurrentice.’ His fans love Crump’s affluent lifestyle and his bombastic, winner-take-all attitude. When Crump wins the presidency, he promptly turns the world inside out to fit his golden image creating a dystopia where only orange cats are welcome. Of course, all his short-sighted policies allow for the perfect storm of repression and unintended effects. Crump the Cat is an entertaining allegorical tale in which all kinds of cats come together at the end to triumph over inequality and racial discrimination.  

Written by Anna Lussenburg with cartoons by award-winning and nationally-syndicated cartoonist Greg Perry, this book written in rhyme takes you know who and puts him through the spin cycle. If you want a book to delight family and friends, that brings light to dark times, and makes you roar with laughter, this is it.  Both Paperback and ebook are available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and well as other retailers.  You can also order a copy at your local bookstore.