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Anna Lussenburg

Anna Lussenburg, Parent Coach


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm dealing with a specific parenting problem, such as picky eating, temper tantrums or sleeping issues, can you help?

Absolutely.  As a parent coach, I've worked with parents and children for over thirty years now solving all kinds of practical childhood challenges. If you'd like to hear what my clients have to say in their own words, please go to my testimonial page and watch the short movie and/or read their reviews.  

How does the process work?

I do my parent coaching primarily by Skype although I have been known to fly to various locations to work with families in person.  Generally though my Skype consultations are booked in hourly slots.  I've found that works best as one hour will give you the chance to meet me and to be able to try out some of my suggestions.  At that point, if you want more assistance I will put together a program that will help. 


There are essentially three parent coaching options:

  • One coaching consultation lasting 2- 3 hours that details exactly how parents can fix challenging behaviour.  Unlike a book or generic advice, this works because I get a feel for your unique family situation and can explain to you the how to change behaviour that is specific to your family experience, helping you feel more confident in your role along the way.  As discussed on my main page, my goal is to help you see parenting in a whole new way, once that will help you tune out all the conflicting noise out there so that over time you will feel confident enough to trust yourself.

  • An hourly consultation scheduled one a week stretched over several weeks duration to work to provide practical strategies for any area in which parents are struggling or on which they would just like further insight.  The plus of this coaching approach is that we can deal with any issues that arise over time.  

  • Or a combination of the above. 

How do I contact you?

Please use the form below.

Would you come to my house if I wanted?

As mentioned above, I do occasionally travel both nationally and internationally to help families who are dealing with specific behaviours that they feel more comfortable having me help them with in person. Please email if you are interested in having me come to your home to coach you in person.

How much does it cost?

Please see my parent coaching services page to see my hourly rate.  Please email me to discuss a package arrangement.