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Anna Lussenburg

Please see the video above to hear what my clients say in person.

I'm proud to say this movie was made by my sons (owners of Astros Media)


Here are just a few of my parent coaching testimonials

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help!  My life now has both peace & cooperation.  You gave me a way of dealing and a different way of looking at kids that has helped immensely. Thank you. You've given us order and peace in our home.

Christine H

We have seen amazing results!  We are living in a much happier household and we can’t thank you enough for your help and expertise! We have had several people notice the change and we don’t shy away from passing your name on to friends and family. Thank you again so much for all of your help. It has truly changed my relationship with my son and I believe has made me a better parent. 

Megan B 

On behalf of my family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Anna.  Anna has been a great help in providing us with methods to handle our two boys (aged 4 & 6) and the various issues that have come up over the years.  Parenting is stressful and there are so many parenting books and teachers and friends that want to give you advice, it’s hard to know who to follow.  My suggestion is discard the others and listen to Anna. 

Our family, friends and teachers suggested to us that we may have a “Highly Sensitive Child.”  However, we listened to Anna and decided against having our child diagnosed as too often people are quick to diagnose what can often be normal kid behaviours.  After taking Anna’s advice and implementing her strategies, our oldest son is now doing very well in school and we have none of the concerns that were a problem before.

Brian K

Anna sat with us while we reviewed all of our struggles and she patiently listened.  We noticed an immediate change in the household after implementing her plan and techniques and we now get to spend our energy enjoying our children as a pose to constantly fighting battles .  We highly recommend Anna as we are grateful for her help and continued support.

Sarah L

When my son was behaving poorly and wreaking havoc I found Anna!  Not only did she help me to realize that it’s me but she was gentle in her direction, firm in her teaching. Today, I’m a much more confident mom and my son’s Halo is shining again.

I want to thank Anna for being there and giving me the confidence I needed.
She is in indeed knowledgeable, kind and caring!

Angela L

Anna....You’re a wonderful, calm and confident mentor, a great comfort to frazzled parents!

I just wanted to thank you so much again for your assistance. It was and is such a comfort to know that you are there to support the parents out there desperately looking for the “instruction manual” to their children that surely must have been misplaced at birth. Your advice was kind, practical, non-judgemental and very easy to implement! 

Janet F